WITW Founder

Women in the Wind Inc. was founded by Becky Brown in Toledo, Ohio. In 1979 she placed an ad in her local news paper. Soon after, eleven women took their first ride as a club through the scenic byways of Maunee River. These women in Toledo chose a name and the organization now has over 90 chapters with more than 1300 members in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

In March of 2002 Becky Brown was inducted into the National Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.

Why We Pass the 'Spoon'

When a new WITW Chapter passes its probationary period it receives a "CHAPTER SPOON" from our Mother Chapter. The SPOON is passed amongst its members for various periodic "Oops" incidents made by its members.

Chapter Members claim the SPOON for any motorcycle related incident that is preventable. Such as:

  • running out of fuel
  • unplanned 'gravity checks' like dismounting motorcycle without putting kickstand down
  • connecting leads to bike battery for heated riding gear to wrong battery cables
  • refuelling then riding off without your helmet
  • losing members on a ride you are leading
  • can't start bike no matter what you try, only to find the kill switch is on
  • not securing saddlebag lock/straps so items fly out while riding down the road

At each monthly business meeting the present holder of the Chapter SPOON is able to pass it to whoever reports an "Oops" they experienced since the last meeting. During a busy riding season the spoon may be passed several times during one meeting. It is a lot of fun for the members attending the meeting, after all with each "Oops" a member 'fesses to we get a chance to see ourselves, having done the same thing in the past or something close to it. We are on a level playing field when it comes to the SPOON, it's the greatest equalizer. It doesn't matter if we've been riding for 2 months, 2 years or 20 years.

When its time for The Spoon Report during our business meeting:

  • We laugh
  • We share
  • We show we care.

Please ensure our Spoon is there.