Do I need a motorcycle to be a WITW member?

You need to have access to a motorcycle to be a chapter member, although some exceptions can be made.

Otherwise, associate membership is open to women who do not currently have a motorcycle license but are interested in pursuing this interest.

Do I need my 'M' licence endorsement to ride with BCT?

Yes, a full and unrestricted “M” motorcycle licence endorsement is required to ride with the Bridge City Thunder chapter of WITW. We are not an organization that teaches riding but we do provide opportunities to ride. Please see the following link for information on the SGI Motorcycle Graduated Driver’s Licensing (GDL) program.

How do I go about getting my first motorcycle?

If you haven't already done this, contact your local motorcycle safety school to take a motorcycle safety course. How you choose a motorcycle is then up to you. Most motorcycle dealers hold 'demo days' so you can ride different bikes and make the best decision for yourself.  Generally, it's a good idea to feel your feet touch the ground when standing still and know that it's a motorcycle with which you're comfortable

How Do I Join A Chapter?

Each WITW chapter has it's own membership process.  You do not have to be a member to join the Bridge City Thunder chapter for weekly rides.  However, if you are interested in becoming a member, please see our membership policy.  We welcome applications for membership during our riding season (April to October).

May Men Join?

No, Women in the Wind has been established to promote women riding.

May Men Participate in Chapter Activities?

We welcome men to join us for all events with the exception of our weekly chapter rides and monthly chapter meetings.

What do I get with my membership?

You will be part of an organization that has over 1300 members in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Australia and receive the camaraderie, encouragement and support of other female riders.

Chapter members receive the international newsletter Shootin' the Breeze six times a year. 

Other benefits of WITW membership include:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Planned ride events
  • Planned social events and charity fundraisers
  • Wearing WITW / BCT gear
  • Annual safe-riding meleage contest
  • WITW Canadian Rally usually held the third weekend in August.
  • WITW Winter Nationals usually held around the third weekend in February
  • WITW Summer Nationals usually held around the third weekend in June
  • Forming unlimited friendships

What is the BCT Membership Policy?

a.  Chapter membership is open to women who own and/or operate a motorcycle.  Any make is accepted.  All members must hold a lawful motorcycle driving (M) endorsement.

b.  Chapter membership shall be renewed by March 22 of each year.  Dues will be as follows (New chapter membership dues are prorated on the date joined):

     March 22 – June 30:  $50 Cdn ($25 US payable to US Treasurer)

     July 1 – September 30:  $40 Cdn ($20 US payable to US Treasurer)

     October 1 –December 31:  $30 Cdn ($15 US payable to US Treasurer)

     January 1 – March 21:  $20 Cdn ($10 US payable to US Treasurer)

c.  Chapter members are entitled to full privileges and may purchase and wear club logo products.  First year chapter members will receive a club logo patch at no extra charge.  (Small patch only.)

d.  For each year dues are paid, the chapter members will receive a membership card.

e.  Each chapter may, at its own option, include one non-riding member for each five (5) riding members into its chapter with a maximum of three (3) non-riding members per chapter.  All bylaw sections shall apply to these members.

f.  New BCT memberships will only be accepted during the Saskatchewan riding season (April 1st – October 31st).  Any Prospective New Member (PNM) must hold a Class M endorsement on her license and must attend at least six (6) scheduled weekly rides (over the course of one riding season) prior to consideration for membership. 

The BCT President will circulate the name of a PNM by email for review by all current BCT members.  Current BCT members will be asked for feedback regarding acceptance of the PNM and any concerns will be discussed prior to making a final decision.

A vote to accept a PNM will take place by email.  The BCT President will indicate a deadline date for submission of votes by current BCT members.  Acceptance will be confirmed by a majority of all votes submitted.  Upon acceptance and with payment of dues, the PNM will become an active voting member.