About Us

Women in the Wind (www.womeninthewind.org) is an international association of female motorcycle riders. We are women who have developed a passion for riding motorcycles at some point in our lives. Our members are from all walks of life with motorcycles as diverse as our lifestyles and interests.

The ‘Bridge City Thunder’ chapter in Saskatoon was started in 2004.  There are now more than ten WITW chapters in Western Canada. We meet once a month (in the non-riding season), have a weekly riding schedule (April 1st to October 31st), attend other chapter rallies, and participate in a number of social and charity events. We also focus on education in motorcycle safety and maintenance as well as promoting a positive image to the public of women on motorcycles.

You do not have to be a member to join our weekly rides.  You must be female and have access to a motorcycle.  All makes and models of motorcycles are welcome.  We welcome applications for new membership during the Saskatchewan riding season.  Please see our 'Membership Policy' for further details.  One of the greatest benefits of being a WITW member is the friendship and support of other female riders. Other benefits include a bi-monthly newsletter, the opportunity to attend a summer and a winter National Meeting hosted by different chapters each year, wearing WITW logo gear, and forming unlimited friendships.

If you are interested in riding with us, meeting our members, or getting more information about WITW, we’d love to hear from you.  Come and join us for another great riding season!